How to Engage

Contact Your Representatives

Locate your officials
Josh Hawley (R) and Eric Schmitt (R) are your senators. Your congressional representative is based on your address. This applies to state senators and representatives as well. 

Save Their Numbers
Save the phone numbers for your officials in your phone for easy dialing. Your senators and congressional representatives have both a Washington DC number and local office numbers-save both. Your state wide officials may only have one number in Jefferson City.

Dial Away
Watch out for calls to action. We'll provide basic scripts to build off of to express your concerns. We're also available to help you figure out what to say on other issues important to you. The most important thing is that you're picking up the phone and involving yourself in change.

Get Involved

Join a campaign committee, phone bank for candidates, work the polls, join advocacy groups that speak to your values.

Most changes start locally. Donate, if and when you are able, to candidates who are running for your district seats, school board, county, and city offices.

Speak Up
Calmly talk to your friends and family* about issues that are important to you. Take the buzz words out and speak to the actual issue. Chances are, when it comes down to it, you more than likely agree on a lot of things**.
Posting on your personal social media is great too. You are reaching people who might not be vocal, but are paying attention. You help them know they aren't alone. Continue to be a presence-you never know who is watching and learning. 

*You know who will receive information and conversations well, and who is too set in their ways. Take that into consideration for your own sanity.

**Human rights, racism, and homophobia are not opinions and do not need to be tolerated. 

Start at Home

You must continue to learn and grow yourself. That feeds into your children, which is where we are going to make the most change in future generations. Buy the inclusive books, act in positive ways that impact your community, stand up for others, teach your children kindness and empathy.